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As if you really needed another customer testimonial...here's ours.  We've been fighting tiny black pharaoh ants in our kitchen on and off for years.  It's seems the cat's food bowl drew them into the house, and then their armies would branch off for the cupboards and the kitchen countertop, too.   We hated using ant poisons, but they were all that worked (sort of).  Then we found your Antser online.  It was truly the best $20 we ever spent.  Your product is perfectly designed and incredibly easy to maintain.  No hassles, no ants, no regrets.  Thank you and best of luck as you build your business

Bob & Joanne

Portland, Oregon


I think it's the best invention since the wheel! It has been working like magic under my cat's food dishes and my breadbox...(I already bought one for my son's household).

K. C.


The Antser works like a charm. We have been ant free since the first moment of use.  We are amazed that the water lasts so long and requires very little upkeep.  Following the directions makes it very easy to setup... We could not ask for more, we already have it with The Antser. Our Cat "Gunther" thanks you everyday.  He is an eager eater.

R. K.


...Thank you for such a wonderful product. It truly is a blessing. Not only because it gets expensive throwing out cat food after being invaded but the cats have nothing to eat until we get home and redo everything.

B. H.


...I love it. NO more ants. They use to go after my cats food, but since I put his dishes on the antser the problem has gone. Wonderful.



We manage a feral cat colony at a historic fort on a government installation... We ordered three and what an improvement...Thank you for helping us overcome an aspect that garners alot of complaints.

L. K.


I have owned the Antser for about 2 months...I can't think of any changes to the current design, so count me in the “unbridled enthusiasm” column.

A. P.


I am a proud owner of three of your antser barriers for my multi-cat household.

Ever since purchasing the barriers, I have had no ant attacks on their wet food as well as their dry food.  Since I have 5 cats, I have to have multiple trays for them or else all hell breaks loose.  I use two antsers to place their dry food feeders facing opposite each other and the third antser to place two double bowl trays of wet food...By the way, I have shown my neighbors the antser and they too were so impressed that they have purchased their own barriers...  

 A. N.


I loved my Antser so much that I bought a second one. I also recommended this product to my mother, brother and cat sitter. What a great product, I wish I would of thought of it myself. You will not have any problem selling this product in the stores. Its a good deal.

K. B.


We have two Antsers at home and I will be ordering a third today... Your product is a lifesaver!!...Thank you for helping us keep our sanity in the fight against ants!!

  Le & C. C.


I've just used the antser for over a week now for my cats food bowl, and it works just great. I will be purchasing another one soon for my other cats bowl...



My husband and I recently purchased one to use with our cat food.  We had a very, very bad problem with ants; while my husband had tried to come up with a similar idea, it did not work very well.  After three or four days, the ants would have found it again.

A short time after we got our Antser, we spent a week in Branson, MO.  When we returned, we were EXTREMELY surprised that all of our ants had completely disappeared!!!  We still (two plus weeks later) have no ants.  I have passed this information on to a neighbor of ours that has cats and dogs; I am sure she will be ordering one soon as well.

I really can't think of any improvements that would be necessary; I think it is an absolutely superb invention.  Thank you so very much for helping us to rid our home of ants.


M. & R. S.



It's the GREATEST thing!  Wish I'd thought of it...Before the Antser, it was a constant battle w/the ants and when I went away for the weekend (which is every other) I tried every trick in the book.  I actually made a home made moat system w/a deep cookie sheet filled w/water and put their bowls in that.  I even bought one for my best friend and her cats.

S. B.


Just wanted to let you know that I'm glad I made the purchase of two Antsers from the start...I am now able to keep an extra bowl of food out for my cats and........



No more yucky water around the bowl to keep the ants out thus no flys hanging around because of the yucky water. I am very pleased and will most definitely tell people about your product. A Big MEOWS-UP!!!

R. B.


I have 7 Antsers and they are working well..You have a great product :-)

J. B.


I bought the Antser because my cats had a zillion ants in their food. Since I have been using the Antser, I haven't seen one ant. I am really happy with your product! Thanks!



I purchased the Antser as a gift for a friend, as I knew it would be perfect for her. She raves about it so much, I will be ordering another one for her, for Christmas!

Thanks AND Congratulations for inventing such a great product!

C. P.


It's funny you should email me now about the Antser. I like it so much I am going to order another one...I don't know if I would change anything about the Antser, that's how much I like it...Sorry this was so long but you got me going on something I have have had a problem with for a long time and now my cat's food is ant free because of the Antser.



...I think it is wonderful and I am sure if Jinx could talk he would say the same...I have recommended it to several friends

J. R.


I am very pleased with the antser. Since we put it up Ajack( our Bengal cat ) hasn't had any ants in his dry food. Since he is our breeder male he has a cage away from the house. In Florida ants are one of our big bug problems. He is very happy to have ant free food. Thank you for the Antser.

M. C.

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